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  • sheffield south yorkshire, UK
  • 21 Female, Cancer
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  • Member Since: 2007-05-06
  • Relationship Status: looking
  • Orientation: Bi
  • Religion: Christian - Other
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: No
  • Children: Someday
  • Education: High School
  • Occupation: duck snatcher, fairy cage cleaner

About Me:

I write stories & songs, draw, shop (i live in lush), do coursework, act & i'm a vegetarian....Oh yeah, i like to bite people ;p
PETA are the best thing in the world, well, aside from music & potter puppet pals impressions
I'm verry weird. I'd give u an example, but i cant be bothered to write about every minute of my life!
I love accents, mostly irish, american & posh english ones.
Im a total WUSS!! im scared of spiders, heights, big rides, scary films & swingin high on swings
I love brightly coloured clothes, & also emo & gothic stuff. Im pretty open minded, ill give anyone or anythin a chance.
well, my minions, stay beautiful, love you all!!!!


homocide, genocide, suicide and shopping, ....and rubber ducks....and llamas (god bless the llama song), Anime (i don't like real guys), Music is my life. i like fall out boy, evanescence, red jumpsuit apparatus, Avril lavigne, panic! at the disco, paramore, disney stuff, hannah montana (dont ask), sick puppies & bon jovi, are all but a few.

Favorite Music:

Oh, u want more, well, take this b*@#&, Andrew WK, breaking benjamin, MCR, HIM, aiden, AFI, within temptation, Hoobstank, B.o.A, S.O.A.D, The used, Rise against, Mika, 30 seconds to mars, bloodhound gang, aerosmith, bullet for my valentine, chemical brothers, daniel powter, justin timberlake (only sexy back), rhianna, snow patrol, the hoosiers & placebo.......hmmmm.......im sure there's sum more, i just cant think of them right now.

Favorite Movies:

really cool chick flicks, like mean girls...oh and manga (final fantasy) or some horror(i dunno, i don't really like films)

Favorite TV Shows:

inuyasha, naruto, pocoyo, pucca, pocoyo, happy tree friends (small furry animal carnage!!!!), pocoyo, Avatar, doctor who, pocoyo, card captors, pocoyo, sailor moon, (seriously, i hate pocoyo)

Favorite Books:

erm...does manga count? I prefer drawing., OOOOH! harry potter!