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8 FACTS ABOUT ME!! (I'd put more, but it's 8 facts, not as many as you can think of)

katara Aug 18, 2007
WOW, this is difficult, hmmm, where to start?.....
1) I own a schitzophrenic cat (well, she certainly acts that way) called millie
2) I'm constantly thinking that the grass is greener on the lawn of somebody with a hotter body than me (darn you to heck, you jammie skinny people)
3) I'm always skint from shoppin & where ever the rest of it goes (i think the gnomes sneak into my house & steal money every night, or the squirrels)
4) i'm VERY self concious, yet i'm forever taking pictures of myself, or lingering like a bad smell around reflective surfaces
5) i'm THE miss indesicive. first i wanted to be a singer, then travel rep, then a clothes designer, then interior designer, and now, be in musical theatre.
6) my friends are the most important thing to me (id die for you guys!)
7) i love my boyfriend matt ( i cant BELIVE he likes me. it's unreal)
8) Im very wierd & random!!!!

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Heyness every1, its....hmmm....

katara Aug 12, 2007
ANYWAYS, hi all my friends out there ( and not my friends, hey, i dont judge people if i dont know them), how are u all? Well, im havin a pretty gud holiday so far. ive been bowlin with my best mate, shoppin with most friends, in a limo (drinking non alcoholic wine that tastes of cheese), laser quest ( like paint ball, but in the dark, in a maze, without the pain & without the mess), corp (the rock club), to the park with alex & matt (my BOYFRIEND, YAY ME!!!!) & out to the cinema.
I'm finally back to eating normally. now i just workout instead. i go on the stepper for 25 mins, use my keyboard stand as a weight & lift that for 5mins, situps for 2 mins, cardiodance for 5 mins, dance for 3 mins & stretch for 2 mins.....WOW!!
hmmm, ive been workin on a song (i only write lyrics though), i MIGHT post it, but ive really gotta finish it!
well, i think that's a rap. thankyou for reading. goodbye. good night. im here till thursday. Try the soup!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
=( o.O)=
  ( UU )        EVIL RABBIT!!!!

GO ME!!!! it was my birthday

katara Jul 15, 2007
HEYA KIDS! It was awesome yesterday! I went shoppin with my mates shez & becky (luv u both) & we were plannin 2 wear sum sexy negligee 2 this gothic club (corp). It was awesome. I'm gonna go back into town & spend all my money in lush, primark & H&M. Anyways, Corp was great. I got to walk round in just a bra & sexi dance with sum hot friends. WE WERE HOT!!! Danny failed to undo my evil bra. HA!!! I rock! I got lots of cards, pressies, hugs, kisses & licks, so i enjoyed myself. hehe. 1 down side was that i got shoved onto the floor, banged my head & knocked my sholder bone, so i think i might have 2 get it checked out. OH WELL!!!!
luv u amy(glad ur back, Missed u LOADS), Emmy (happy birthday), Shez (hope u enjoyed it), Becky (dirty girl, i know u had fun!) & Matt (luv u, ur hot!!!!)
sorry if there's any1 i've missed. Luv u all!!

Yo mi homies it's 8/07/07

katara Jul 08, 2007
HEYA KIDS!!!!! 6 more days till my birthday! hmmm, wot shud I do. Any suggestions? Can't have a house party, cos there aint enough room, dont like bowlin or ice skatin, i might go shoppin & then 2 this gothic club called corp. Not having much look with the flood video :(
Oh well. I'm getting really confident now. I just did a fashion show with sum friend & my AWESOME friend jordan. He rocks. He also inspired me to go first on a englsh oral exam.
I luv u to all my friends, & just to prove it, i made a special appearance......
hmmmm, the photo wont load......DAMN IT!!!
oh well.
I love you all. Everybody rocks.
*hugs & kisses*

hey it's..um...12/06/07

katara Jun 12, 2007

1 month & 2 days till my birthday!!! Sorry to anyone who had to put up with me moping. I love u all!!!!! you're all so smexy. I'm over myself & boys now. ALEX & SHERIDAN, U ROCK!!! matt, i don't like u, ur a homophobe. All of my friends who hate homophobes tell "wierdmatt" what u think of them. OH, by the way, I'VE JUST HAD MY HAIR CUT SHORT & LAYERED!!! i'll get my camera working & show u

luv u all!!!



katara Jun 11, 2007

FUCK IT. FUCK FAKE FRIENDS. FUCK BOYS.FUCK LOVE. FUCK LIFE. been listenin 2 the sick puppies song on the playlist on my main page. GOD I'M DEPRESSED. I've cryed all i can. Well no more. i'll just lock myself in my wardrobe, listen 2 evanescence and cry. FUCK, who'd like me anyway. I'm a ugly fat bitch. i'm so fuckin disgustin. My good friend Shez has been lookin after me. i've had 2 look after my other mate jenny, aswell as ema & cor. i've lost a friend, cos i told him i liked him. *cries*

Sorry, i can't go on. Thanx 2 every1 who looked after me 2day. I luv u all.

Oh great, i've soaked my keyboard in tears



katara Jun 08, 2007

GREAT! thanks to my friend Jordan, owner of the N.B.C.C.C...whatever, I've been showing my clothes to everyone, saying "topshop" in a stupid voice. Now I've got my friends Emily & Lubey saying it. Just been to youth club after having my hair done, and my mate Ema ran up to me going "OMG, YOUR HAIR'S GORGEOUS!"

SWEET!!! Love you all!!!



katara Jun 07, 2007

OK, i'm over that guy, he's still pretty cute though. Anyway, i'm writing this from my ICT class! just done P.E n it was TENNIS. I now like this other dude.

I'm now writing from home. I've just stood on a roundabout for 1 & a half hours, having a heart to heart with my mate shez (teenroyalty). I've gotten sooo confident. I used to not even be able to get a book out of the library without getting my mum to do it, now i'm wanting to sing in a musical in drama. Ah, i love friends

Luv ya all xxxxx

my day 2day!!!

katara May 23, 2007

today's been pretty good! Been busy freakin Y8's out by acting randy with my cool mate. She had stomach pains, so i was lookin after her & giving her paracetamol (i'm a walk in pharmacy). I'm no longer scared by anyone or anything. I was shouting at this really annoyin lad & chattin to this popular girl. I no longer have anythin to loose. In maths, I understood this thing before anyone else, although i was bored to death. The only thing that made that lesson good was shoutin at that lad! I've got over that guy, i now like another guy. Ahhhhhhh

BTW that other guy didn't like me!!!! :(

oh well, at least i'm over him

Luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh no! a mirror! hisss

katara May 19, 2007

I've got a really bad cold!! And I'm really ugly!!! But my best mate says i'm really pretty. Anyway, when I get the digital camera workin, I'll post a photo. I'm watchin Scuzz at the moment and how hot does Jared Leto from 30 seconds to mars look in the kill video? Whatever, I'm ramblin to take up space. Teenroyalty's in my tutor group at school, so to cheer me up i've been readin her journals. Please check them out. Anywho, I have this credit notefor £28.99 (about $55.00) for the forum in sheffield, which is this alternative clothes shop, an i don't know what to do with it cos i don't like anythin from there. If anyone'll give me £28.99 for it or wants to exchange somethin, please say so, cos my mum's pretty pissed off!!

Save my soul

HELP!!! xxxxxxxx

P.S there is 1 good thing, my mabelline dream matte mousse just arrived *Starts jumping around living room*

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I write stories & songs, draw, shop (i live in lush), do coursework, act & i'm a vegetarian....Oh yeah, i like to bite people ;p
PETA are the best thing in the world, well, aside from music & potter puppet pals impressions
I'm verry weird. I'd give u an example, but i cant be bothered to write about every minute of my life!
I love accents, mostly irish, american & posh english ones.
Im a total WUSS!! im scared of spiders, heights, big rides, scary films & swingin high on swings
I love brightly coloured clothes, & also emo & gothic stuff. Im pretty open minded, ill give anyone or anythin a chance.
well, my minions, stay beautiful, love you all!!!!


homocide, genocide, suicide and shopping, ....and rubber ducks....and llamas (god bless the llama song), Anime (i don't like real guys), Music is my life. i like fall out boy, evanescence, red jumpsuit apparatus, Avril lavigne, panic! at the disco, paramore, disney stuff, hannah montana (dont ask), sick puppies & bon jovi, are all but a few.

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Oh, u want more, well, take this b*@#&, Andrew WK, breaking benjamin, MCR, HIM, aiden, AFI, within temptation, Hoobstank, B.o.A, S.O.A.D, The used, Rise against, Mika, 30 seconds to mars, bloodhound gang, aerosmith, bullet for my valentine, chemical brothers, daniel powter, justin timberlake (only sexy back), rhianna, snow patrol, the hoosiers & placebo.......hmmmm.......im sure there's sum more, i just cant think of them right now.

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really cool chick flicks, like mean girls...oh and manga (final fantasy) or some horror(i dunno, i don't really like films)

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inuyasha, naruto, pocoyo, pucca, pocoyo, happy tree friends (small furry animal carnage!!!!), pocoyo, Avatar, doctor who, pocoyo, card captors, pocoyo, sailor moon, (seriously, i hate pocoyo)

Favorite Books:

erm...does manga count? I prefer drawing., OOOOH! harry potter!